AZCO Self-Perform Hiring Plan for the Wood Solar Site

AZCO will be self-performing the Pile Driving, Tracker Installation, Module Installation, Underground and Above Ground Electrical. All craft personnel will be from the respective Locals that cover this region of Wisconsin. Directly hiring any personnel without going through the respective Local Union Halls is strictly prohibited by Union guidelines.

AZCO will have four trades performing the work. Carpenters, Laborers, Operating Engineers, and Electricians. The total manpower for this scope of work is going to peak just shy of 200 craft employees.

Carpenters will come from Local 804 which is in Junction City, WI. We plan to peak at just under 100 Carpenters on the project. Local 804 covers four counties with their jurisdiction: Wood, Portage, Juneau, and Adams. AZCO will place manpower request to Local 804 who will fill the calls with Carpenters from the area.

Laborers will come from Local 268 which is in Eau Claire, WI. We plan to peak around 15 Laborers on the project. Local 268 has a large jurisdiction which covers most of the Northwest quarter of Wisconsin. AZCO will place manpower request to Local 268 who will fill the call with members from their local.

Operating Engineers will come from District C of Local 139. Local 139 covers the entire state of Wisconsin. District C covers Wood, Clark, Marathon, Portage, and Langlade counties. The project plans to peak just shy of 30 Operating Engineers. The District C office is located in Altoona, WI. AZCO will turn in manpower requests to the dispatcher in the Altoona office.

The IBEW Electricians for the project will come from Local 388. Local 388 covers the center part of the state from Wisconsin Dells all the way North to the Wisconsin/ Michigan UP boarder. IBEW Local 388 has an office located in Stevens Point, WI. We are anticipating a peak manpower of 65 Electricians for the project. Manpower requests will be turned into the Stevens Point office to fill the request. They are currently advertising to gain members into their local, which they can send to the project when filling AZCO’s manpower request. AZCO only accepts employees sent from the locals who are 18 years of age or older.

If any of these Locals run out of members within their Local to supply craft employees for the project, they will reach out to associate Locals within the state to assist with filling the requests.


AZCO will be utilizing some of the Local training facilities (e.g. Operating Engineers 139 in Coloma, etc.) to provide pre-mobilization training on some of the new solar construction equipment (e.g. PD-10 pile drivers, etc.), as well as the solar equipment / materials (e.g. trackers, modules, etc.) that some of the Locals’ Tradespeople may not have previously seen or work on or installed. But, again, this is all through the Local Union Halls – as that’s where the craft personnel will be hired through.

Once mobilized to site, BMcD and AZCO will also coordinate educational opportunities with local schools, including the Mid-State Technical College in Wisconsin Rapids.

BMcD Subcontracting Plan / Flow Downs

Below find BMcD’s subcontracting plan for the Wood Solar site. All subcontractors awarded work on this project will also be encouraged to hire local 2nd tier subcontractors and vendors where possible.

All local subcontractors and vendors are encouraged send their contact details and experience to If you have shared your information with Drew Gibbons, Mark Mauersberger, or Kim Griffin of the Wood County Solar Project development team previously, you can be assured that it has been shared directly with the construction teams.























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Wood Manpower Curve

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